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Improve Employee Management and Promote Well-being within Your Restaurant with eatOS' Workforce Management.

Boost Team Efficiency and Reduce Workload
Starting at $0*/mo +Processing Fees



Employee Management

Easily access and manage employee data including profiles, payroll information, shift data, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Automatically set employee status and time-off allowances.

Time Tracking Alerts

Monitor employee attendance in real-time—never miss a beat. Receive instant alerts when staff don’t take mandatory breaks, clock out late or spend too much time on the job. Let us help you keep a keen eye on your team’s hours.

GPS Tracking

Streamline your payroll operations with a cutting-edge smartphone app. Accurately track employee clock in, clock out, and break times with GPS capabilities. Moreover, enable employees to easily manage their schedules, apply for leave, and access a comprehensive payroll summary with the tap of a button.


Organize and export payroll information to various repositories with ease. Our product offers in-app unparalleled payroll management, as well as streamlined summaries that can be exported directly to Excel or CSV formats with API integration connects to any 3rd party payroll software.


Eliminate mundane, manual scheduling with our comprehensive workforce management calendar. Perfectly craft, execute and approve shift schedules, time-off requests and vacation requests with ease.


Restaurants Made Simple

All-in-one AI-enabled restaurant technology ecosystem built exclusively for restaurants to help manage and serve customers better, simplify restaurant operations, improve guest experiences, save costs, and engage with the community in new and innovative ways.

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